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PEPSI IPL6 2013 Advertisement by Farah Khan - SONY MAX ipl6 Campaign

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PEPSI IPL 2013 by Farah Khan- 

 SONY MAX started PEPSI IPL6 2013 advertisement on and this year Pepsi ipl advertisement is made by Farah Khan. Pepsi ipl6 2013 advertisement show you that cricket is not a game but a passion in india and It can let you dance out of joy.It will also show you the 3 unique signature dance moves for the campaign, namely for a four, a six and a wicket.

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 Tagline of PEPSI IPL 2013- 

Tagline of PEPSI IPL 2013 is Sirf Dekhneka Nahi. 

 Tune for the Pepsi IPL 2013- 

It will show you three films in which showcase women, working professionals and families celebrating the PEPSI IPL2013 together with Farah Khan teaching them the signature dance steps.Tune for the Pepsi IPL 2013 is made by Vishal and Shekhar who had composed a catchy and quirky tune for the Pepsi IPL 2013 campaign


 What Farah Khan said about MAX’s PEPSI IPL 2013 campaign? 

 “I am extremely excited to associate with MAX for their marketing campaign for Pepsi IPL 2013. Being an ardent cricket lover and a dancer, I can relate to the feeling of celebrating when your favourite team scores a four and a six or takes a wicket. Just the way I train my Bollywood stars to let go of their inhibitions and dance with all their heart, similarly inthis campaign I will teach the audience not to hold back and enjoy every single celebratory moment of this exhilarating tournament.”


 PEPSI IPL6 2013 Advertisement video-  

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